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City Park Hotel
Melaka, Malaysia

Your Choice Hotel.

Find contemporary comfort in a city steeped in history.

A Cheap Hotel in Melaka, Malaysia - Providing a welcome and inviting contrast to the historic city of Melaka in Malaysia is the modern City Park Hotel.

With accommodations that are cosy and with just the right touch of elegance, and facilities built to deliver satisfaction, guests will know that the hotel doesn’t just add a nice touch to present-day Melaka. It lives up to its reputation of being the city’s choice hotel.

Dispel the day’s frenzy and bask in a laid-back atmosphere at the City Park Hotel.
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The Melaka Hotel in Malaysia for everyone...

Cheap Hotel Melaka Malaysia

Where Relaxation Resides

Seek and you shall find it. For those looking for first-class comfort, the hotel offers a viable package -- that is, first-class comfort at budget-friendly rates.

The accommodations’ tasteful and quality furnishings accentuate the minimalist yet elegant design. These cosy features heighten the easy feel and soothing mood of the entire room. It’s no wonder then that relaxation has taken up permanent residence here at City Park. Details

Cheap Hotel Melaka Malaysia

Satisfaction for Everyone

City Park’s facilities were built and brought in with an important objective: provide convenience, convenience, and more convenience. Whether it’s just a leisurely whim or an urgent corporate need, the hotel’s practical but top-notch facilities and warm service staff can address them. Details